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Maintenance Reminders

  1.  If you are planning to use the fireplace in your unit please file your Chimney Inspection Report with the Manager of the Association.
  2. Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to burst.  Pipes located anywhere other than an interior wall need special attention.       a)  leave under cabinet doors open (ie. beneath the kitchen sink)      
    b)  during times when you are gone, keep thermostats turned high enough to avoid freezing temps inside the  walls         
    c)  water lines feeding washing machines may need to be shut off or additional insulation added
  3. Roof Leaks and ceiling damage should be reported to the manager promptly. Reporting damage early allows the Association to have the roof repaired before further damage occurs to the roof, inside ceilings and walls.  
  4. Once irrigation has been turned on, please help by reporting  any leaks in the sprinkler system that you happen to see to the manager.

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